In association with One over the Eight promotions and as part of Barnsley’s April Fools Comedy Festival, Canadians In Space return to the cellar of The Old No. 7 Real Ale Bar and Music Venue.

Embark upon a very intimate exploration of…

Canadians In Space and discover:
Who, Who Man.
What the hell is a Haiku?
Where to find your; toothbrush, wrist watch, lap top, flip flops, lip-stick, goldfish, cook book and oboe.
When does Dennis get back from his term-time holiday?
Why has Sheila Got the Monk On?
How long does it take to cook a Jacket Tatie?

Special Guest Mike O’Brien and his Elderly Aunt Doris will be popping up with poetry and pearls of wisdom. There’s even Bingo in the interval!




From 5pm on Friday 7th February
Entry by advanced ticket only, tickets limited to 50

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